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Rates and Services

Services Available Include:
  • Daily / Weekly Scheduled Visits
  • Vacation Visits
  • Assistance with Required Medical Care
  • Transportation to Appointments
  • Avain Wing & Nail Trims
In you need assistance for your pet that is not listed here, please call me:
If I cannot be of service, I am always willing to assist you in finding someone that can!
Gracie Girl
Frequently Asked Questions:
This is my favorite part. My answers will tell you what sets me apart!

What are your rates?

Rates start as low as $12 per visit! My rates are based off the type/number of pets, services requested, and time required at the site including travel time/mileage.

What does a visit include?

Playtime, walks, fresh food and water,  administration of medical treatments, litter box maintenance, accident clean ups, LOTS of love &  attention, visit ‘logs’ for regular communication with daily clients, as well as activity logs for vacationing clients. I will also provide email and/or text updates upon request.

What are your hours?

I start as early as 6am and visit as late as 9pm. I do my best to accommodate each pets regular schedule as closely as possible. In doing this I also make sure pets are visited at approximately the same times or intervals each day.

Do you stay overnight?

Ask me this question after I have been married a few more years…. Hahaha….. Seriously, out of courtesy and care for my own family-allowing us time to be        together, I do not offer overnight services.

Why haven't I seen you "around town"?

Well, if you come to recognize & look for my vehicle you likely have. However, you will notice I do not advertise on it.  I feel this practice compromises the safety of the homes I may be visiting, as well as my own. I prefer to meet my clients through referrals, just handing out cards while I am out and about, or face to face at events!