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Why Use a Proffesional Pet Sitter?

There are numerous benefits to having a professional caregiver for your pets! Once you have experienced them, you will wonder how you ever did without!

For the Pet:

Your pet can maintain their home environment with minimal change to daily routines, enhancing a feeling of safety & security as well as reducing their stress an anxiety at your absence. They have their favorite bed, toys, food…& will quickly learn the routine~looking forward to their caregivers visits!  In home care also eliminates the stress of transportation & exposure to an unfamiliar environment as well as reducing exposure to illnesses (such as kennel cough) or parasites from other pets.

For the Pet Owner:

Many times, in home care is the more economical option for owners with multiple pets. Not only will your pets be happy, but your home will be cared for as well!  You will no longer have to   impose on friends, neighbors, or family members and/or worry about the reliability of care your pets or home receive. A pet sitter can offer many services related to the additional security and maintenance of your home while you are away, including but not limited to: mail and paper pick up, watering of plants/gardens, adjustment of  indoor and outdoor lighting…. I have even sent a car key overnight to a client who lost theirs on a trip to the beach!

For Daily Clients:

A happy, healthy dog(s) who has had a good long midday walk and playtime-so you are not hurried in your evening arrival or not ever free to do business at lunch. They will be happy, but well adjusted and more calm when you return home from your busy day! 

Kate & Chill